Log Buyers & Brokers: Softwood

United States
Consulting & Professional Services

Red Rock Enterprises are buyers of standing timber, logs and land throughout the Appalachian region. The company is licensed and certified in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Ohio. Red Rock is proud to be certified by the...

Sawmill/Wood Remanufacturer

Turner Forest Products is a division of Kirby Turner Wood Brokers, Inc, established in 1991. With two white pine sawmills located in Maine and a hardwood mill located in Quebec, Canada, the company specializes in 4/4 thru 8/4 pine lumber, 6x8...

Forest Products Distributor/Wholesaler

We are a small but growing company.  We buy and sell standing timber and cut logs.

Forest Products Distributor/Wholesaler

We started this business with the idea that if we serve our customers from the perspective of real industry experience– focusing on their...