Complete Sawmill Kits From Linn Lumber Are Ideal for DIYers
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Feb. 16, 2011

Complete Sawmill Kits From Linn Lumber Are Ideal for DIYers

The staff at Linn Lumber has been busier than usual this winter, as higher priced lumber creates more of a demand for do-it-yourself milling options. Linn Lumber’s sawmill kits, including the Basic Sawframe Assembly, the Super Sawframe Assembly, and the Complete Sawmill Carriage, offer an affordable alternative to buying a mill outright.

“The kits have been very popular and are selling in higher amounts this year, especially within the last few months,” says Linn Lumber President, Gary Boyd. “Perhaps people are looking at 2011 as the right time for a fresh start. They are probably saying to themselves, ‘this is the year I’m going to do it,’” he adds.

Linn Lumber mill kits are ideal for anyone wanting to mill their own lumber on their properties, such as those who have trees on their lot but can’t get a good price for the logs. It’s often a better value to mill the logs and sell or use the lumber instead. Linn Lumber mill kits are also suitable for cabinet and furniture makers.

“If you are the type of person who is mechanically inclined and enjoys tinkering with equipment in order to create a product that is best suited to your needs, a Linn Lumber sawmill would be a good place to start,” says Boyd. “Our customers are not afraid to tackle something new.”

Glenn, one of Linn’s recent customers from the U.K., says, “I decided to assemble my Linn Lumber sawmill myself in the end, as I felt I was being ripped-off by a local engineer, which was borne out by the fact I assembled it with no problems - it was very easy.”
Roy, another happy customer, agrees. “My sawmill has worked perfectly since I got it. It is definitely a labour intensive project, but a lot of fun at the same time.” 

Not sure where to start? Linn Lumber sells an assembly DVD for $35 that covers the basics of setting up a sawmill. The cost of the DVD is refunded if the viewer makes a purchase. “It’s a good way to check and see if you think building your own sawmill is something you’re interested in and a project you would like to tackle,” says Boyd. “It can end up being a very well spent $35 if, after watching the DVD, you change your mind.”

For more information about building a complete sawmill from the ground up, or for a portable trailer, visit Linn Lumber staff is also happy to discuss your options by phone at (541) 367-6900.

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Linn Lumber has been manufacturing portable sawmills in Oregon since 1986. In the last 21 years of business, Linn Lumber has had the opportunity to ship sawmills and components around the world to France, Russia, England, Australia, and Iceland to name a few.