Elmia's forests are getting crowded

Despite considerable uncertainty about the future of the forestry market, there is clearly great interest in participating in the Elmia Wood forestry fair from June 5 to 8 this year. Organizers are now working to build extra stands for all the companies wanting to exhibit their products and services.

“The fair site is almost fully booked but we’re receiving enquiries every day from more people wanting to exhibit,” comments Jörgen Andersson, who is in charge of stand sales at Elmia Wood. He and his colleague Johan Löfgren, who manages the planning and construction of the fair site, are now hunting for every possible place to build a stand.

“Last Elmia Wood we sold 69 460 square metres of stand space for the whole fair but we’re already up at 72 000 square metres now, so this year’s fair will be crammed full,” Jörgen says.

Destination Jönköping, which is helping to arrange accommodation for long-distance visitors, is also extremely busy. Co-ordinator Helena Lindgren says her team has already booked far more guest nights now than at the same time prior to Elmia Wood 2009.

“We’re still getting many large bookings, maybe two or three big groups every day,” she says. She and her colleagues are arranging rooms in everything from hotels and hostels to residential study centres, camping cottages and private homes.

Many Finnish and German exhibitors

About 30% of the exhibiting companies are from outside Sweden, with the majority from Finland, Germany and Austria. Visitors who have booked accommodation are coming from a wide range of countries, says Helena Lindgren of Destination Jönköping.

“We’ve had large group bookings from countries like Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, the United States and Russia,” she says, adding that she is now expecting more bookings from countries closer to home.

Focus on innovations

Elmia Wood has always been closely associated with new machine concepts and exciting technological innovations. This year will be no exception, promises Torbjörn Johnsen, who is responsible for overall co-ordination for Elmia’s forestry fairs.

“We’ve made a special effort this year and have even published advertisements calling for innovators to participate in the fair,” he explains. He adds that the campaign has had clear results and a number of interesting concepts will be unveiled at Elmia Wood in June.

Meet forestry professionals from all the World

Elmia Wood is the No1 dynamic forestry fair in the world. Every four years you get updated on the latest innovations from all the major machinery manufacturers, expand and refresh your contact network, get inspired and discover masses of new ideas. Welcome to the forests south of Jönköping 5- 8 June 2013.

For more information please visit www.elmiawood.com.