First rugged, wireless time clock invades Canadian job sites

JobClock Hornet tracks work in real-time and automatically sends records every hour; no physical record collection required.

ExakTime has announced its official release of its wireless time clock to Canada.

Most labor-intensive, outdoor industries rely on costly handwritten, paper time cards to track labour—an outdated timekeeping method that inflates payroll and costs companies thousands of extra dollars. Paper time cards also make it difficult for bookkeepers to collect and manually enter work records in time for payroll.

ExakTime’s wireless JobClock Hornet solves those problems.

The weatherproof unit is housed in a rock-solid, ABS plastic composite shell and tracks workers, job activities, and job locations in real-time. Every hour, JobClock Hornet automatically sends 100% accurate digital time records to offices, wirelessly, so management can make quicker job adjustments based on timely information.

No more guesswork. No more time theft. And no more driving to collect time records.

JobClock Hornet is bulletproof simple and runs on a 30-day rechargeable battery, making it easy for field employees, bookkeepers and supervisors to use.

It debuts in Canada using the Rogers™ Network for wireless record transmission. 

“Our valued Canadian customers have been asking about this for several months, and we’re excited to be releasing JobClock Hornet into Canada,” said Tony Pappas, ExakTime’s CEO. “Now, our Canadian market can work on payroll throughout the week, not just at the last minute, know who’s at a jobsite, know when someone’s about to hit overtime, and so much more, all without stepping foot outside the office.

Founded in 1999, ExakTime is the leader in wireless, mobile and rugged time and attendance solutions for construction, landscaping, and maintenance contractors as well as mobile employees and workers in industries such as transportation, agriculture, energy, oil and gas, and more.

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