"First Update" on NYS Biomass Heating Roadmap & Free Public Vendor Day, April 5, NEBH Expo

Participate in First Public Update of the New York Biomass Heating Roadmap

Participate in the first public presentation of the New York State Biomass Heating Roadmap on April 5 at the Northeast Biomass Heating Expo. The sweeping industry analysis will offer key insights into the industry's growth and solicit stakeholder feedback for the first time.

If your company or organization is invested in the NYS market and has answers to the industry development questions, you have to attend this panel. During its April 5th session, the Roadmap's project team will reveal preliminary results and invite comments on the following questions:
Based upon its survey, the biomass thermal industry believes it is going to grow over the next ten years. What are the fundamental drivers that make you believe this?

What are reasonable actions that could be developed that could increase the growth of this industry base in New York (and the Northeast)?

How can this growth be compatible with regional air quality needs and federal standards (NAAQS)?
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