FISTA Adds Dates to BMP Core Curriculum

FISTA has had enough inquiries about hosting one more round of BMP core classes this year. The FISTA office in Rhinelander seems to be centrally located among the requests, so FISTA will hold both classes at the FISTA office on November 13 & 14, starting at 8 a.m. The Invasive Species class will take place on November 13 while the Water Quality class will follow up on November 14. Lunch will be provided for these all-day classes.

For a business or organization to be considered "SFI trained," at least one key person (owner, manager, or key field personnel) must complete the SFI Core training program or Continuing Education course work. For a logging crew to be considered SFI trained, at least one "in woods" person actively responsible for each site must be SFI trained.

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BMP for Invasive Species: November 13 8:00am-4:00pm

Core Curriculum Workshop (8-hr) Non-native, invasive species pose a profound threat to forest ecosystems and forest productivity. This indoor/outdoor workshop enables loggers and resource managers to identify the most troublesome invasive species by understanding the impact they can make in slowing the spread of these invaders. Wisconsin's Forestry BMP for Invasive Speices will serve as the field manual for this course. Instructor(s): Gigi LaBudde, Community Forestry Resource Center/ Tom Boos, WDNR

BMP for Water Quality:November 14 8:00am-4:00pm

Core Curriculum Workshop (8-hr) This course will cover planning, timber harvesting, forest road design and location, wetland and stream crossing, riparian management zones, and permitting. Part of this session will be held outdoors. Instructor(s): Carmen Wagner, DNR & Ben Parsons, FISTA

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