Laser Technology, Inc. Forestry & GIS Tech Session Gets Rave Reviews

December 4, 2013 – Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) representative Brian Ferry, Mid Atlantic Sales Manager, recently reported the success of a tech session held at Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

LTI hosts tech sessions throughout the year all over the country as an opportunity for professionals to learn about the latest innovations in forestry & GIS technology.  All attendees get outdoor, hands-on experience after learning the basic product and software functionality over lunch.  At the recent Harrisburg session, LTI’s TruPulse® measurement and mapping laser was featured, as well as the Criterion® RD 1000.

LTI was eager to hold a professional measurement tech session in Pennsylvania due to their recent membership submission with the Pennsylvania Foresters Association.  The Harrisburg session was also co-hosted by an LTI authorized dealer in the region, Keystone Precision Instruments.

The turnout of the event was very good. Of those who attended the event several were from the forestry industry and a few were from the GIS industry. By all accounts, the attendees enjoyed the event and found it to be informative and useful. They reported that one of the great things about attending an LTI Forestry & GIS Tech Session is that participants can receive CFE credits through the Society of American Foresters because it was preapproved course material.

To get more information or ask questions about future tech sessions, please contact Mike Phippen at Laser Technology, Inc. at 1.877.696.2584 or email at