Linn Lumber Bandsaw Blade Sharpeners Provide Up to Ten Sharpenings Per Blade
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Aug 10, 2011

Linn Lumber Bandsaw Blade Sharpeners Provide Up to Ten Sharpenings Per Blade

If you've ran a band saw mill for very long, you know that the band blades and their degree of sharpness are key to a good performance. Like most operators, you probably wish they would stay sharp longer. Developers of the Linn Lumber line of portable bandsaw mills have found that a new blade typically cuts well for 1 to 3 hours and then is dull. If you plan to resharpen them, it is best not to run them after they start feeding harder, cutting inaccurately or heat up. To continue sawing usually sucks the life out of them and they won't take the resharpening process well.

A Linn Lumber Bandsaw Blade Sharpener treats just the face of the tooth, the part where it meets the wood. Some sharpeners do a full profile, grinding not only the tooth face, but the gullet and the back of the tooth. This method is supposed to help the blade last longer and not break. Developers of the Linn Lumber Bandsaw Blade Sharpener have found, however, that their method results in 5 to 10 sharpenings and is more cost effective.

Not only do the dull teeth need sharpening, but also the teeth need "setting". Usually the blade is manufactured with a 3 tooth pattern, meaning that one tooth is bent out a little to the left, the next to the right and the third is left straight. This bending out is measured as tooth set, usually in thousands of an inch. This set is necessary so that the blade cuts a path that is wider than the body of the blade, allowing the blade to saw straight. The Linn Lumber tooth set uses a dial indicator to measure the existing set and has a handle that you squeeze to add more set. You work around one side of the blade, then turn the blade inside out and work on the other side.

Using a Linn Lumber sharpener and the separate tooth setter, you can typically get 5 to 10 resharps out of you band blades. If you don't plan to do very much sawing, just buying new blades may be the best plan for your situation. If, however, you have 30, 40 or even 50 dull blades hanging on the side of your shop, a sharpener and tooth setter start to make sense.

For a short video on how the Linn Lumber Bandsaw Blade Sharpener and setter work, see the video below. Or visit The Linn Lumber staff is also happy to discuss your options by phone at (541) 367-6900.

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