New Ways To Get Your Own Sawmill With a Linn Lumber Mill Kit
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May 24, 2011

New Ways To Get Your Own Sawmill With a Linn Lumber Mill Kit

Following up on the success of its Complete Sawmill Kit product line-up, Linn Lumber, an Oregon-based manufacturer of portable sawmills, has just introduced its built-but-not-assembled mill line-up.

“These new sawmill carriage kits are not sanded, painted, or assembled, but they do arrive at their destination fully fabricated for those who are interested in saving money,” says Linn Lumber President, Gary Boyd. “The beauty of these news kits is that they do come fully built, requiring no welding or overly technical expertise from the end user.”

Linn Lumber mills consist of three main components: The carriage, the power unit, and the track. “The saw part, which we call the ‘carriage’, is the rolling frame work that houses the band saw wheels, the band blade, and its guiding system,” says Boyd. “It is also where the second component, the ‘power unit’, either a gas engine or an electric motor, is mounted. This whole saw part sits on (and rolls back and forth on) the rails of what we call the ‘track.'”

Traditionally this was only available as a parts and pieces mill kit, or completely assembled, but now, there is a mid-way option; the saw mill carriage arrives at your location fully built; it requires the finishing touches like sanding and painting. “We provide a video and instructions to guide the assembly of the saw. It will require drilling and tapping a few bolt holes. The customer would need to provide the engine package and the track to have a complete sawmill. But we can supply these items too.”

Linn Lumber mills come in different sizes and are capable of milling logs that are from 20” to 36" in diameter. “One of the first steps in thinking about building your own sawmill would be to decide on the biggest diameter log you would normally be sawing,” says Boyd.

For more information about Linn Lumber portable sawmills, visit The Linn Lumber staff is also happy to discuss your options by phone at (541) 367-6900.

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About Linn Lumber

Linn Lumber has been manufacturing portable sawmills in Oregon since 1986. In the last 21 years of business, Linn Lumber has had the opportunity to ship bandsaw sawmills and components around the world to France, Russia, England, Australia, and Iceland to name a few.