NHLA to Offer Chinese Inspector Training School Class This Summer

NHLA is proud to announce the launch of its first Chinese Inspector Training School Class. The class will be held July 15 to August 15, 2013 at NHLA headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. with the use of Chinese language interpreters. Class hours will be 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. Students of the program will also participate in scheduled NHLA member company visits and have the opportunity to network with North American suppliers.

The Chinese summer program will deliver the same knowledge and opportunities as the 14-week program but the enhanced schedule and streamlined curriculum will make the most of the Chinese students' time while here in the United States. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be expected to have in-depth knowledge of the Standard Grades and general overview of the species exceptions.

Tuition for the Chinese program is $5,000 per student and limited to NHLA Members Only! Tuition fees include: tuition, housing, local travel, lunch on school days, airport pickup and drop off, school supplies. Tuition does not include: airfare, meals (excluding lunch Monday -Saturday) and personal incidentals.

The program will be taught by veteran Inspector Training School Instructor, Rich Hascher and assisted by National Inspector, Randy Wilson.

Space is limited, enroll early! NHLA would like to encourage its domestic members to share this information with your Chinese lumber buyers or overseas agents/employees.

To complete an application now, click here.  For more information about the program please contact Chief Inspector Dana Spessert at 901-399-7551.