Register Online For Upcoming FISTA Safety Workshops

The Forest Industry Safety and Training Alliance, Inc. (FISTA) recently had its website revamped to include new user-friendly inquiry tools for SFI Certified courses and contract training courses.

In the new website, workshop calendars have been improved, allowing readers to view workshops for past and future months. By clicking on the name of the event, the reader is able to view details like registration instructions and seat availability.

Potential students will be able to apply online for courses using the new website, and administrators are now able to easily add and remove courses.

Based in Rhinelander, WI, FISTA focuses on fostering safety & sustainability in our forests through training and education. A nationally recognized non-profit since 1991, FISTA is “committed to providing quality training at a fair cost,” aiming to decrease accidents, improve productivity and professionalism, and promote awareness of environmentally sound principles.

FISTA’s target audience is the 1300 loggers in Wisconsin, but is also available to serve thousands more loggers throughout the mid-west that require SFI training. SFI training is recognized worldwide, and is a large part of the FISTA organization.

“Anything with an SFI seal is guaranteed to have been harvested in a sustainable manner. It’s a shining star in this industry,” says Ben Parsons, FISTA training coordinator.

“FISTA has developed a reputation as a premier source for chainsaw safety certification classes, and for SFI certification and continuing education classes. We provide the SFI training for the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA) and other organizations in the Great Lakes region. As our parent organization, the GLTPA is considered to be the voice of logging & timber professionals in the region” adds Parsons.

FISTA also works closely with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the SFI State Implementation Committee (SIC) and handles all the training needs for timbermen and resource professionals in the Great Lakes region.

FISTA maintains a database regarding individual SFI certification status to help ensure that all loggers are up to date with their safety and sustainability training.

For more information on upcoming workshops, visit

—Submitted by Sherry Wota