Sharpen Bandsaw Blades Right On The Mill
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July 13, 2011

Sharpen Bandsaw Blades Right On The Mill

A company on Vancouver Island in Canada has developed a way to sharpen bandsaw blades without having to detach the blade. This allows mill operators to sharpen their own blades as required.

The primary benefit of sharpening your own bandsaw blades is having full control of the sharpening process. If you just need a light touch up on the blade, or if it’s a heavier grind you need, Sharp-Rite Sharpeners can do either right on the mill itself.

“The Sharp-Rite Sharpeners were designed to save time. Because there is no need to take the blade off of the mill, one simply stops the mill, places the sharpener on the blade, and in four to six minutes the blade is sharpened,” says Darcy Christianson, President of Backyard Bandsaw Blades, the creator of the original Sharp-Rite Sharpeners.

The sharpeners are adjustable for one-to-two-inch-wide blades and are used with your 12-volt source.

“You can cut down on turn around time and still get an accurate, well-controlled grind that goes down the face and through the gullet of the blade,” explains Christianson. “The sharpeners also prevent the reduction of steel caused from aggressive sharpenings, therefore extending the life of your blades. Some of our customers report over 15 sharpenings per blade.”

Sharpening right on the mill is a streamlined process facilitating sharpening and milling; the only two things a sawyer should be concerning themselves with.

“You sharpen and you mill, and then you sharpen and you mill, and so on. In fact, the time it takes to take off a blade is about the same amount of time it takes for the Sharp-Rite Sharpener to do its magic,” says Christianson.

Considering all of the costs associated with bundling up the blades and couriering them to a sharpening centre, and the downtime it takes while you’re waiting in addition to the shipping costs of having the blades sent back to you, the savings incurred by using the Sharp-Rite brand is impressive. In addition to the Sharpener, a Sharp-Rite Setter allows a sawyer to set the blade on the mill.

“If you sharpen your blade before dulling it, you will not have to set the blade every time. The Sharp-Rite Setter sets two teeth at a time up and down leaving the third tooth straight. Simply slide the setter along the blade keeping in sequence, squeezing the setter every third tooth,” says Christianson.

Sharp-Rite Sharpeners and Setters are available individually or together as a kit. These 100% Canadian-made and created Sharpeners and accessories can be shipped around the world. They are portable, durable, and pay for themselves in no time at all. This proven product has been on the market since the mid 90s and has not been duplicated by any other.

For pricing information, or to see the Sharp-Rite Sharpeners in action, visit Backyard Bandsaw Mills online.

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About Backyard Bandsaw Mills

Since the mid 90s, Backyard Bandsaw Mills has been manufacturing portable bandsaw mills for woodlot operators, ranchers, timber framers, wood workers, and backyard enthusiasts. The company’s Sharp-Rite Sharpeners were manufactured to complement the mills, and have since remained a proudly Canadian-made product. Worldwide shipping is available by visiting