State of the States: Biomass Thermal Energy Policy Incentives

BTEC Webinar - July 24, 1PM ET

There are a variety of policy incentives available on the state level to encourage biomass thermal installations large and small. In this free webinar session, John Ackerly (Alliance for Green Heat) and Adam Sherman (Biomass Energy Resource Center) will shed light on specific states with significant biomass thermal incentives and programs.

This webinar will also allow interested parties to better understand complex policy, the suite of options available, and best practices that can be emulated in other states. The webinar will be divided into two parts, a residential segment and a commercial segment, with ample time for questions following the speakers' presentations.

Topics Covered:

  • Detailed descriptions of up-to-date state policy, including any newly passed legislation
  • Presence of Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
  • Residential and commercial incentives (including tax credits, exemptions, payments, and grants)
  • Eligibility requirements for incentives
  • Significant barriers
  • Policy optimization