Where Does Biomass Energy Policy Stand? An Update on Biomass Thermal in the Halls of Government

A BTEC Policy Webinar - July 26, 2013, 12 PM ET

Biomass thermal policies are on the move across the U.S., especially in the Northeastern states and at the federal level. Join us July 26 at 12 PM ET for a live webinar spanning these federal-to-state policy incentives and regulatory developments. Whether it's a Farm Bill energy program or state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) modification, these developments are critical for understanding today's bioenergy markets and future implications on project development.

During the webinar, speakers will first share a federal policy outlook on newly introduced thermal legislation and the Farm Bill, followed by a more focused discussion on biomass state policy in the hotbed of the Northeast region (e.g. New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, and Massachusetts). Finally, the speakers will describe the specific case of Maryland and learn about that state's successes and challenges working to implement biomass thermal energy policies from scratch.

Attend the Webinar and Learn:

  • The federal policy outlook for biomass thermal energy, including the Farm Bill and BTU Act
  • Top Northeast U.S. biomass thermal policy developments, addressing items like pilot programs and RPS revisions
  • Discussion of current incentives for biomass thermal systems among the Northeastern states
  • Case study on Maryland's biomass thermal energy campaign, its successes and challenges
  • Additional topics during the live Question and Answer session 


Date: Friday July 26, 2013
Time: 12 PM ET (approximately 1.5 hours)

Webinar Access/Registration:

BTEC Members

Free: Email BTEC's Andrew Leddy to register


$49: Access includes a copy of the presentation and live recording.

Speakers & Presenters:

Pat Rita, Partner, Orion Advocates
Charlie Niebling, Partner, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC
Daniel Rider, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Moderated by: Joseph Seymour, Executive Director, Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Who Should Attend:

  • Energy regulators
  • Utility operators
  • Policy and regulatory affairs staff
  • Biomass fuel producers
  • Biomass equipment manufacturers
  • Bankers and financiers
  • Timber, land, and forest-owners

More Information:

For more information on the event or if you have any questions, email Andrew Leddy.

About the Biomass Thermal Energy Council
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