Nevada Forestry Officials Issue Pest Alert for White Satin Moth Infestation

The Nevada Division of Forestry has issued a Forest Pest Alert for the white satin moth. The non-native insect is causing medium to heavy defoliation in the North Canyon and Marlette Lake areas at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.

The NDF has recently mapped approximately 200 acres of defoliation in this area. Sightings in the Carson Valley, Spooner Summit, USA Parkway area and Paradise Valley have also been confirmed.

The white satin moth (Leucoma salicis) is a non-native defoliator of aspen, cottonwoods, willows and other deciduous species and is native to Europe and Asia. It was first introduced into North America in British Columbia in 1920. It is currently distributed from BC to Northern California, and has been present in Nevada since the 1980s. read more >>