B.C. Forests Contribute ‘Hidden’ Carbon Emissions that Dwarf Official Numbers, Report says

“Uncounted forest emissions” represent a major hole in B.C.’s climate plan and show the need for a provincial forest emissions-reduction strategy, according to a new report by an environmental group.

Climate-warming carbon emissions released from B.C. forests in both 2017 and 2018 were more than three times higher than emissions from all other sources combined in 2016, the report from Sierra Club B.C. estimates.

The vast majority of the estimated 237 million tonnes emitted by B.C.’s forests resulted from another record-breaking wildfire season that burned more than 13,000 square kilometres of land.

“Our forests are not helping in the fight against climate change right now,” said Jens Wieting, a campaigner with the group.

“We need immediate steps to make sure that forests can help in the fight against climate change, and not make it worse.”

In 2016, the province pegged its carbon footprint from non-forestry sources at 61.3 million tonnes.