Bowen Architect Receives One of B.C.’s Premiere Wood Design Awards

No matter where you live on Bowen, if you don’t know his name, you definitely know his work.

James Tuer, architect of Cove Commons, the Bowen Island Pub, the First Credit Union-Ruddy Potato expansion and the Buddhist International Society Retreat (if you’ve circumnavigated Bowen you’ll have seen its swooping cedar outline) received the Wood Design Awards in B.C. 2019 Architect Award March 4.

The award recognized his career portfolio of wooden buildings, many of them on Bowen, where Tuer’s lived since 2004.

“The jury was impressed with the portfolio of wood buildings, both residential and nonresidential, that have inspired other designers to take advantage of BC’s extensive and beautiful wood resources,” read out presenter Hardy Wentzel, CEO of Structurlam, at the awards gala at the Vancouver Convention Centre.