Quesnel, B.C.’s Forestry Initiatives Program Up and Running

The City of Quesnel is pleased to announce its new Forestry Initiatives Program, that began in January of 2019, is up and running!

The Forestry Initiatives Program was created to address the multiple challenges facing our community at this time – mainly protecting our communities from wildfire, rehabilitating the land after wildfire, and finding ways of innovating the forest products manufacturing sector.

“Quesnel is one of the most forest dependent communities in B.C., so it’s important that the City is taking an active role in advancing the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), working with the provincial government on rehabilitating the landscape, and working with the forest industry to diversify the economy,” said Erin Robinson, City of Quesnel Forestry Initiatives’ manager. “This does not mean stepping back from forestry, but rather finding innovative ways to utilize the available wood-fibre and types of manufacturing potential already here in the area.”

The Forestry Initiatives Program emerged from the Future of Forestry Think Tank process, which brought together 65 technical experts in May 2018 with a wide range of knowledge and expertise to discuss land management and innovation in manufacturing of wood.