Province May Free Up Wood if Fort Frances Mill Sold

The provincial government won’t guarantee wood supply to Fort Frances unless a new owner is in place at the former pulp and paper mill.

Natural Resources and Forestry Minister John Yakabuski said in the Ontario Legislature, March 26,that the availability of Crown fibre allocation will be considered for a potential operator should a property sale with Resolute Forest Products go through.

“The reality is that we must wait until such time as there is a purchase for the mill in Fort Frances before we can discuss the issue of wood supply for any mill.”

Yakabuski’s response was prompted by a question from Algoma-Manitoba MPP Mike Mantha concerning Crown fibre being shipped from an area forest near Fort Frances to Resolute’s other operations in northwestern Ontario.

A provincial Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) agreement states that wood from the Crossroute Forest is allocated to Fort Frances and the shuttered mill there.

Resolute still owns the mill that it closed in 2013. It has been entertaining offers for the property over the years.

The Town of Fort Frances contends the Crossroute is an under utilized forest and is negotiating for regional control of the management unit.

They accuse Resolute of holding an monopoly on the Crossroute that’s styming any new forestry players from setting up shop on the mill property.

Mantha wanted assurance from the minister that forestry jobs will be available should a potential new mill operator want to use wood from the Crossroute.