In New Brunswick, opposing forestry industry practices can be dangerous for your career

Rod Cumberland was the New Brunswick government's deer biologist for 15 years before teaching at the Maritime College of Forest Technology in Fredericton. On Nov. 18 he filed a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal from the college. (Radio-Canada)

By Gil ShochatSylvie Fournier · CBC News

Along Restigouche County’s Route 180, in northern New Brunswick, is a perfectly arranged silhouette of conifer plantations, put in sharp relief by a setting sun.

But this forest is cultivated, and the political battle around it has come to define much of the political conversation in that remote part of Canada. 

At issue is glyphosate, a herbicide sprayed by forestry companies on many of the province’s forests.

The chemical has become a key part the province’s forest economy, but it is also the subject of several lawsuits in Canada and the U.S. alleging it is to blame for health risks, such as some forms of cancer.