USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, Nature Conservancy announce partnership promoting forest preservation

By / John Markon

On average, an acre of eastern hardwoods sequesters 85 tons of CO2 equivalent. If you multiply that number by hundreds of trees, the global impact becomes readily apparent. The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to support sustainable forests and carbon market development in targeted areas of Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky through the Healthy Forest Reserve Program. The HFRP offers financial assistance in the form of easement payments for specific conservation actions on private forest and tribal lands. …The HFRP offers 30-year term and permanent easement options as well as a 30-year contract for tribal lands. USDA pays 75% of the value of land enrolled in 30-year easements, plus 75% of the average cost of the approved conservation practices.