Northern Pulp says company and Nova Scotia forestry industry in jeopardy following decision

By / The Sackville Tribune Post

Northern Pulp says the company’s future is in jeopardy.

Brian Baarda, CEO, Paper Excellence Canada, the parent company of Northern Pulp, issued a statement saying that the company is disappointed in the government of Nova Scotia’s decision following the announcement that the province would once again be seeking more information from the company before granting an environmental approval to build a new treatment facility,

“To date, we have been following the federally and provincially agreed process to obtain the necessary approvals to construct our proposed wastewater treatment facility and ensure the long-term sustainability of thousands of jobs in Nova Scotia’s forestry sector,” he said. “Our team put forward an in-depth plan based on sound science that showed no meaningful environmental impact, represented a significant operational improvement, and ensured Nova Scotia’s forest sector and the thousands its employs could remain a vital part of our economy.”

He said they will be reviewing the decision and the options for the future of Northern Pulp. 

“An Environmental Assessment and the continued operations of Northern Pulp require an extension to the Boat Harbour Act,” he said. “Until we have a decision on the extension of the Boat Harbour Act, the future of Northern Pulp and Nova Scotia’s Forestry Sector remain in jeopardy. We ask that the Government of Nova Scotia provide a decision on the Boat Harbour Act as soon as possible to ease the sense of unknown amongst the thousands of families who are anxiously awaiting a decision on their future in Nova Scotia.” 

The company said that representatives from Paper Excellence and Northern Pulp will have no further comment until the Government of Nova Scotia decision on the extension of Boat Harbour is known.