Private woodlots to get larger market share to supply mills in new plan

Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland says the changes will spur economic growth

By /Jacques Poitras · CBC News

The Higgs government plans to give private woodlots a larger share of the market to supply large mills in New Brunswick while freezing the amount coming from publicly owned Crown land for five years.

Mike Holland, the natural resources and energy development minister, announced the moves Thursday, saying the change will help spur more economic growth among private woodlots.

“This is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” that the Progressive Conservatives first promised in last year’s election campaign, Holland said.

“I feel very proud to be able to talk about this, the next layer of the work we’re doing to create that forest for the future,” he said.

Holland didn’t cite a specific percentage of wood that private woodlots would provide to mills. But with their supply growing while the amount from Crown land staying the same, the private share is likely to grow.