Columbia Forest sells innovative patent back to Owensboro cabinet maker

By / Meghann Richardson

Phillip, Carter and Campbell Crabtree. | Photo by Jason Tanner

Columbia Forest Products (CFP) announced last week they have sold its Cabinotch Division to Cabaxis Inc, an affiliate of Phillip Crabtree, the originator and creator of the award-winning cabinet box system.

Crabtree, President and CEO of Phill’s Custom Cabinets, lives and works in Owensboro and said the success of the company comes from his 64 local employees.

“I couldn’t do it without the employees here they are the ones who come in every day with a smile on their face, bust their tail and enjoy what they do,” he said.

Crabtree sold the patent to CFP back in 2011 and with the sale, Cabinotch and Cabaxis will now be under one roof.

Details of the sale were not revealed.

Greg Pray, Columbia’s President and CEO, said that “the persistence of unfairly-traded imports – both cabinetry and hardwood plywood products – has impacted a wide spectrum of wood industry markets. We felt that the Cabinotch operation was an excellent candidate for a different ownership model given our new strategic plan, and it will be in great hands with Crabtree’s team.”