Loonies for Loggers forge on to help struggling forestry families

The Loonies For Loggers horse trailer, used to deliver donations to the families of forestry workers. (Supplied by Rona Doucette)

By / Troy Landreville

The ladies behind Loonies for Loggers aren’t letting up. 

Rona Doucette and Tamara Meggitt started Loonies for Loggers in September, to support families impacted by the forestry workers strike.

The impasse between Western Forest Products and the United Steelworkers Union has passed the six-month mark, and the ripple effect has been felt across Vancouver Island, as well as in Powell River.

That’s where Loonies for Loggers comes in.

With support from local businesses, government, and individuals, they’ve been delivering groceries and other items to the forestry families.

Meggitt said every little bit helps.

“We joke and say that we are going to keep scurvy away and keep these families fed and it frees up an extra dollar or two for them to support another local business that’s fabulous, but if we can keep food on their tables and help in that aspect, then that’s huge if we can lessen the grocery bill,” she added.