A Review of 2019 New Homes Construction in Canada’s 6 Biggest Cities

By / Alex Carrick 

Year-end city housing starts statistics for 2019 recently became available from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). For the six largest cities in Canada, by population, this article will examine how last year’s results compared with other years, previous peaks and long-term averages. It will also look at the singles-versus-multiples mix.

Multiple-Unit Starts Now Totally Dominate Montreal’s Marketplace

Montreal’s total housing starts in 2019, at 25,100 units, were little changed from either the year prior, 25,000 units, or two years earlier, 24,800 units. 2019’s year-over-year ‘total’ percentage change was +0.4%, with a dip in single-unit groundbreakings (-4.0%), but an uptick in multiple-unit initiations (+0.9%).