50 ash trees to be cut down, 450 treated as invasive emerald ash borer moves into Moncton

Kate Letterick · CBC News

Dan Hicks, director of Parks for the City of Moncton, says approximately 500 ash trees, now under threat from the destructive emerald ash borer, will be cut or treated in the next few years.

A plan was developed after the insect was found in a north-end tree on private property last summer.

“The statistics show…that 99 per cent of ash trees die within the first six years of detection,” Hicks said.

Ash trees are found along city streets and in some parks. There are a few clusters along Millennium Boulevard.

Hicks said after completing inspections, about 50 of the city’s ash trees are in poor condition and will have to be cut down “before they become hazardous,” and replaced with another species.