The province is hoping that work done to stabilize B.C.’s forestry sector won’t be undone by COVID-19

By / Victor Kaisar

BC’s Parliamentary Secretary for Forestry says he is hoping that work done to stabilize the province’s ailing forest sector won’t be undone by the COVID-19 pandemic

Speaking on NL Newsday, Ravi Kahlon says is it disappointing that Aspen Planers had to shut down operations in Merritt, as well as in Savona and Lillooet.

“We worked so hard with them over the last year to keep them going but you know, without having the ability to have the same amount of workers show up because of concerns around COVID and price issues, and I think they had to make a decision,” he said.

Kahlon remains optimistic though that Aspen Planers will reopen once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

“Obviously, that’s our hope, but we appreciate that different companies are in a different place, and facing different pressures,” he added. “It depends on the region you are in, and so my hope would be that we see Aspen Planers coming back quick. But we got to wait till we get more certainly around how we get through this COVID crisis.”