City of Kelowna Clarifies Purpose Behind $100,000 Forestry Grant

By / Laura Brookes

An $100,000 provincial grant the City of Kelowna received to help people affected by the slowdown in the forestry sector has been directed as an investment into general community services, and not specifically the affected workers, as per the provincial guidelines. 

In Sep. 2019, the province announced $69 million in various funding streams to support forestry workers impacted by a mill closure, including: 

  • An early retirement bridging program for older forest workers;
  • A new short-term forest employment program
  • Funding for workers to access skills training, and for employer and community grants for training;
  • A job placement co-ordination office that will track the transition and employment of impacted forest works; and
  • Community support grants aimed to provide short-term assistance to communities impacted by the closure of a major forest employer.

Eligible activities for use of the Community Support Grant, which the City of Kelowna received at the end of May, included financial support information services, community meetings or support for community services.