Finland, Maine and Michigan partner toward sustainable growth in forest bioeconomy

By TV6 News Team

LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) – In a move that capitalizes on collective forestry knowledge and a commitment to smarter, sustainable use of natural resources, Finland and the states of Maine and Michigan are elevating a cooperative effort in bioeconomy and clean technologies. This week, the team will host a webinar to introduce the formation of working groups open to those in industry, research and governmental sectors.

Maine and Michigan, like Finland, are heavily wooded states with long traditions in the forest industry. All three see great opportunities in working together in the transition toward a modern, sustainable bioeconomy that supports growth while protecting long-term forest health. The cooperation provides many opportunities for companies and researchers on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s an effort that is moving forward at a fast pace.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Finland, Maine and Michigan will host a webinar to launch working groups in key sectors of the bioeconomy. The aim for the working groups is to act as platforms for joint U.S.-Finland research, development and innovation projects.