Our History

Forest Industry Network was created by Point One Media in 1995. We consider ourselves unique within the technology field because the president of the company, Joe Perraton, has a forestry background and has worked within the logging industry for several years before becoming a website developer. This enables Point One Media to better serve companies, associations, and other organizations in the forestry sector because of our industry knowledge and understanding of the market’s needs.

Our Team

Lara Perraton, Account Manager
1.877.755.2762 • 250.714.4973

Lara has honed her publication operations expertise over 25+ years with Point One Media. Helping it blossom from its beginning in 1995, Lara has intimate knowledge of the company, its strengths, and its resiliency in each of its markets. Lara has a diverse skill set including website development, publication design and pre-press, editorial management, graphic design, and printing. She spearheads the publication division with enthusiasm and drive, while her professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction continually shine in Point One Media’s high-quality publications.

Jessica Kirby, Editor

Jessica Kirby has wielded a red pen and typewriter in newspaper and magazine publishing for more than 25 years. Her focus on trade publishing began with Point One Media in 2007, and has grown into an infinite quest to represent tradespeople’s stories and images to the highest potential. Her commitment to preserving and promoting the voices of her subjects and to refining text with sharp-shooter accuracy is a testament to her genuine passion for the trades.

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